Below are links to the different Store Blogs and Social Media  – Click on any of them to get the up to date insights on what is going on locally!

Eureka Fabrics Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/EurekaFabrics/
Fabric Etc https://www.fabricsetc.ca/blog/
Hart’s Fabric: http://blog.hartsfabric.com/

House of Fabrics: http://houseoffabric.blogspot.com
Let’s Sew http://www.letssew.com/blog/blogs
Nancy’s Sewing Basket: http://nsbseattle.wordpress.com
Treadle: http://treadleyardgoods.blogspot.com
Sew it Up: http://sewitupstudio.blogspot.com
StoneMountain and Daughter Fabrics – http://stonemountainfabric.blogspot.com/
Also, Suzan Steinberg “The Fabric Lady”-