Fine Fabric Stores Association Testimonials

I found your collective through your advertisement in Threads magazine. I have not looked at Threads for years but just recently picked up a copy and am so happy I did so!

I have had 10 responses to my first query, including from your store. I look forward to many years of doing business with this great new resource!~ BK

I found your group by being referred to by Treadle Yard Goods. A gal there gave me a copy of the ad in Threads Magazine. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future projects!  ~VR

I found Fine Fabric Stores.com in the latest Threads magazine.  This is a great idea; several stores have responded to my request!  ~ LS

I saw the ad in Threads magazine after spending the day hunting for the right thing with no luck. I was glad to find that your group could help.  Thank you! ~ EH

 I was thrilled and overjoyed to find six!! responses to my fabric request this morning. What a great service!  What a time saver! I found your web address through Vogue Patterns site where I shop a lot. I have every issue of Threads and seek out the small independent fabric stores whenever I travel. I really appreciate being able to send one message out to so many stores find my fabric. ~ LB

I saw the ad in the current issue of Threads. While Traveling, I’ve tried new stores from your ad, but this time I tried  “email all the stores at once” as I had a problem that was perfect for that!  ~LW

I found your FineFabricStores.com ad in Threads magazine a long time ago and finally used it for the first time a couple of months ago. (I wish I had used it a long time before).   I received 8-10 replies with this latest request with several possibilities.  Your partnership with the other fine stores makes it so easy to make requests with one click – it’s a God-send for busy people like me.  PLEASE continue this wonderful service! I will do all I can to help spread the word to others who could benefit. ~ BV

Thanks to all who searched for that needle in the haystack!  Mesee at Fabric Gallery in Michigan had my fabric!  I purchased five yards and received it yesterday!  ~BV

Please continue this wonderful service for all of us! Especially professional dressmakers! Many of us live hundreds of miles from wonderful stores.This was the first time I used your free service, it was successful and I will certainly use it again.  It couldn’t have been more simple and I received many replies.  ~WP

This site was recommended to me by the Fabric Gallery in Michigan – where I purchased the fabric. I have been very impressed by all of the stores’ responses. Thank you ~ TW

I’ve seen your ad in Threads for years. Someone mentioned your service on the ASDP discussion list and I tried it. I’d been dealing with Kaplan’s for years. I like that I can put out one email and get a lot of responses. It saves me a lot of time. ~ DS

I am very, very glad I found FFS!  The response has been fantastic!  Actually, your shop has been the first to contact me, and with photos of gorgeous fabrics at that.  I am so impressed with what I’ve seen, though they aren’t exactly what I’d envisioned,  I plan to purchase a few more yards of fabric than what I’d initially planned!  You have such a fantastic inventory!  Thank you so much. ~ MT

<I saw> your ad in the April/May 2012 Vogue Pattern Magazine and I am please that something like this had been put together since finding good fabrics these days is very difficult. I am someone who likes good fabrics and some of the existing stores who carry fabrics don’t have the kind of sophistication that I am looking for. You are welcome to use the comment. I look forward to using this service not only for myself but also for my clients’ custom projects. ~LD

I am impressed with the quick responses I received from your guild of fabric store owners. I have purchased fabric and ribbons from Ginny in Rochester, MN. I’ll certainly keep the guild in mind for future fabric needs ~ AD